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Surface Ships
Cruiser 1143.5
Cruiser 1144
Cruiser 1164
Destroyer 1134.2
Destroyer 1155.1
Destroyer 956
Frigate 1135
Corvette 1241
Corvette 1234
Corvette 1239

Submarine 941
Submarine 667bdrm
Submarine 705
Submarine 949
Submarine 971
Submarine 645
Submarine 671
Submarine 636
Submarine 677

Frighter mig-29
Frighter su-27
Frighter yak-141
Helicopter ka-25
Helicopter ka-32

Surface to surface rsm-54
Surface to surface rsm-52

Sea Mines

Naval Guns



"Those, who rule the sea, rule the world", - that was the English proverb since they have won the Spanish Armada, but they were not the first to come to this conclusion. The truth was known by ancient Greeks and Romans, who often won the wars due to the victory in sea battles.

"Russia has only two real friends - the army and the fleet" - repeated the Russians after the English. Since Peter the Great launched his first warship, the fleet has been the key war power of the Russia.

The Russian fleet is still an important force. Powerful modern ships, equipped with a hi-tech weapons, atomic and diesel submarines, unique rockets, which have no equivalent on the whole planet and other kinds of technics and armament are one of the important factors, helping to support the political stability and peace on the earth.

Our website is devoted to the Russian fleet weapons. In the presented catalog there is a lot of information about surface and submarine ships of the Russian fleet, about its aircraft, systems of the artillery, torpedo and rocket armament - in other words - everything, which deals with the technical equipment of the fleet, its power and battle capabilities.

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