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Aircraft Carrier Cruiser 1143.5 Kreml class
D. (tons):
Speed (kts):
Dimensions (m):
302,3/270 x 38,0/72 x 10,5
2 x 50'000 hp gas. turbines; 8 boilers; 4 fixed pitch props., turbogenerators 9 x 1500 kW, diesel gen. 6 x 1500 kW; range: 3'850 n.m/32 kts; endurance: 45 days
1960 (200 officers, aircrew 626)
3857 rooms
Airwing: 16 x Yak-141
12 aircrafts SU-27k/MIG-29k
4 /Helicopter KA-27LD32
Missiles: 12 Granit (SS-N-19; range- 420 km)
SA Klinok ADAM system (24 launchers, 192 vertical launch missiles; range: 15 km, rate of fire: 1 missile per 3 sec)
SA Kashtan ADGM system (256 AD missiles, 48'000 cartiges; range: 0.5- 1.5 km)
Artillery:  8 x 6 AK-630 gattl. AA
(6x30 mm; 6'000 rds/m/mount, 24000 cartiges)
Electronics: sensors: air and surface target acquisition radar, a low-flying target acquisition radar , a flight control radar, a navigation radar, and four fire control radars for the Kashstan Air Defence Gun/Missile System;
sonars: search and attack sonar, operating in the medium and low frequency bands, surface search radar, dipping sonar, sonobuouys and magnetic anomaly detectors.
Combat Information Centre, an Aviation Combat Information Centre and a fighter aircraft guidance system, navigation system and a communications suite including satellite communications
Radars: Air and surface target acquisition radar ;low-flying target acquisition radar;Flight control radar; Navigation radar; 4 gun-missile fire control radars .
Other: UDAV-1 ASW RL (60 rockets; R: 3'000 m)
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By Andrey Datso


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